Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change. It is a symbol of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. It is also a picture of what God has done to save us on the inside by cleansing us from our sin.
Baptism is a symbol. It’s meant to show the world that that you love, trust, and have put your hope in Christ.  We Believe and trust Jesus. This belief saves you, not baptism.  As African Methodist, we do believe in baptizing babies.

If you  have a accept Christ as  your savior and want to be baptized, or  you would like to baptize your baby, please click below and we will contact you about baptism classes.

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In our faith as African Methodist, many are baptized as infants way before they have the opportunity  to understand the meaning of baptism.  We they were baptized, their parents or guardians took a vow and agreed to accept the responsibility  to that the child is taught the nature of baptism.  Confirmation is the opportunity for children who are thirteen to confirm their faith belief.
If you like more information about confirmation classes, please click below and we will contact you about confirmation classes.
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