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46 Class Leaders:
Serve 12+ Members Each
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Class Leader Council

The Class Leaders’ Council is an organizational unit of the First AME Church that connects each church member to the local church. As sub-pastors, we are charged with the responsibility of helping each church member work out their own salvation.

Our Mission is threefold:
1) To serve as a liaison between the pastor ad church membership
2) To assist in providing spiritual support in times of need to all class members
3) To identify special needs and abilities of class members, and make recommendations to the pastor.

Our goal is to help generate and maintain an atmosphere of fellowship and love within the church family.

The Class Leaders Council meets monthly with all Class Leaders for the purpose of keeping abreast of the church’s membership, and to provide necessary training. We communicate to class members weekly, monthly, or as needed, via mail, phone, in person, email or text message.

Each year, the pastor appoints a member in good standing to serve as Director of the Class Leaders Council. First AME Church currently has 46 Class Leaders who are charged with overseeing a class of at least 12 members. When new members join the church, they are assigned to a class and Class Leader. Each Class Leader supports their assigned members by contacting them on a regular basis.

We are committed to serving you and working diligently to establish the relationships necessary for Kingdom building.