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Enthusiastic members with a servant’s heart
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90+ Dream Ministry
90+ Dream Ministry Dept.

The mission of the 90+ Dream Ministry is to honor and celebrate FAME members that are 90+ years old. Each committee member serves as a FAME ambassador for designated 90+ members. Our goal is to be a liaison between the church and our 90+ members.

We recognize and honor our cherished elders so they know they are remembered, embraced and loved by their church family.

The 90+ Dream Ministry presents a “desire of the heart” birthday gift from the church family to show our caring and remembrance to each 90+ elder. We participate in or lead the individual birthday celebrations.

In addition, we obtain a birthday greeting card from the President of the United States, Members of Congress, and the Mayor of Pasadena which are always received with surprise and awe. We mail Christmas cards to each 90+ elder; provide them with transportation to church service and church events when necessary.

The 90+ Dream Ministry provides the opportunity to connect with our elders, gain insight into the history of our church, our people and our community by fellowshipping and spending quality time with them as they share their wisdom.

Who we need and invite members with a passion for interacting and nurturing our elders. We need/request enthusiastic members with a servant’s heart.

How to participate: Contact the team leader, Ann Hall-Jones How to request help/service: Contact the team leader, Ann Hall-Jones How to contribute/help even if you can’t participate: Monetary donations to 90+ Dream Ministry.

Message: We love our 90+ members and strive to bless them, honor them and bring smiles to their faces. As we bring smiles to their faces, we find that the smiles on our own faces shine