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Debbra Bourne

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Thelma Blake Fellowsip Hall
Age 3 - Adult

Church School
Christian Education Dept.

The Church School resources, Sunday school books, visual aids, videos, crafts, and music, are designed to lead students toward a greater knowledge and practice of following Jesus Christ. We want to open up the riches of the Bible to our students. Our lessons consist of Bible facts, people, places, and times to help provide insight and an understanding of Gods word.

The lessons don't just stop there, they also focus on applying biblical text to real life situations of today.

It is also important that our students receive knowledge that will deepen their devotion to God in an upward focus, and encourage them to better embody that devotion in a way that makes their lives a living witness to their family, friends, and the world, for their lives maybe the only bible some people ever read.

The environment of our classes are welcoming, caring, supportive, and fun filled. Sharing is important, but limited to the students comfort zone (no one is put on the spot).

All ages welcome, youth starting at age 3 and adults. Come out and let's grow together in the study of God's word.

Debbra Bourne - Superintendent
Mackey Sampson - Assistant. Superintendent