FAME Pasadena Ministries

Explore our ministries. FAME Pasadena has a variety of ministries serving the church and the community.
Ready to get involved? There are ample opportunities to be served and to be of service.
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  Ann Hall
  Kischchen Hazelton-Venerable
  Joann Forte' Wormely
  Clarence Stubblefield
  Rev. Joan M. Taylor
  Debbra Bourne
  Stella Pulliam
  Van White
  Barbara McPheeters
  Brian Venerable & Harold Wilson
  Virilyn Grant
  Gwenolyn Brown
  William Mattlock
  Charles Pulliam
  Rodney D Wallace
  Rev Larry Campbell
  Tonia Graham
  Timothy Davis
  Rev Larry E. Campbell
  Laura Terry
  Lena Kennedy
  Janice Reeves
  Karen Law
  Francis Caple
  Juanita West Tillman
  Jackie McCombs
  Charles Pulliam
  Donita Towler
  Robert Cole
  Konata Doxey
  Kellen Law
  Beverly Caldwell
  Vicky Reese
  Tonia Scipio
  Lucia Adam

Featured Ministry

Male Chorus
William Mattlock

Feeding the Homeless