astor Campbell-Men of FAME Black History Parade 2015
Pastor Campbell- Assemblman Chris Holden 2015 TofR Reception
Pastor Campbell- Dr. Jerry Campbell at Youth Conference 2015
Pastor Campbell, Assem Member Holden, Chief Sanchez 2015
Pastor Campbell addressing 2015 TofR Reception
Pastor Campbell addressing Pasadena Mayoral Debate 2015
Pastor Campbell and MO-FAME Man Cave Womens Health Conference 2015
Pastor Campbell Feeding Group Home 2015
Pastor Campbell Praying with Men- Solidarity Sunday
Pastor Campbell with 2015 TofR Queen-Court-Pasadena Board Members
Campbell wSenator Carol Liu, Chief Phil Sanchez, Wife Selma Viewing 201
Police Chief Sanchez at Solidarity Service
Rev Campbell-Black Lives Matter March 2015
Solidarity Service 2015
Solidarity Sunday
Solidarity Sunday2015
Solidarity Sunday Prayer 2015
Solidarity Sunday wPastor-PPD Chief and Others